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We are a community and economic development 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to increasing quality of life for Youngstown residents and small businesses.


Youngstown Prosperity was created by Kristen Olmi of KO Consulting, LLC as a nonprofit community and economic development organization after she recognized a need for her services in the nonprofit and small business sectors.

 We envision a Youngstown that is resilient: 

Its economic, educational, and environmental realms are streamlined and sustainable. Thoughtful public-private partnerships are in place to ensure that every resident has equitable access to nutritional food, recreation, and high-quality education. Vacant parcels that once caused blight have been reclaimed and reinvented as community assets–places for food production, job training, recreation, and gathering. Youngstown is no longer recounted in a somber tone of what once was, but spoken of with pride of what is and what will be.

 How can we increase access to a high quality of life for the most vulnerable residents in the Youngstown community?  This question fuels the vision of Youngstown Prosperity and resides at the heart of our approach.

As circumstances continuously change, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that we must refine our strategies to effectively meet community members where they are. Although our vision is clear and serves as a destination for where we are headed, our strategies are dynamic and continuously evolving.

Youngstown Prosperity, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life of Youngstown residents by employing and developing community and economic development strategies and projects that lend to a more resilient Youngstown. Through local partnerships and collaborations, YP Inc. develops solutions to create a strong foundation of community resilience based on thoughtful planning, policy, development, and programmatic needs.

We believe in a prosperous Youngstown. We acknowledge that the steel industry was just one peak in Youngstown’s economic and cultural history. We look forward to a new economy that is current, develops and maximizes new and innovative technology, and is rooted in social and environmental consciousness. We believe in the potential for small and local businesses to the community forward into the new era of Youngstown that is recognized globally for its revitalization, innovation, and 180º pivot to resilience and prosperity. We are committed to building our community from the bottom up.